Air Cooling Units

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Finned type air-cooling units:

Air-cooling units used for cooling liquid & chilled water can be applied to low temperature. Cold storage as well as work at higher temperature. Air-cooling units different size equipped with M.S. pipes / Copper Pipes & Aluminium / Copper finned zigzag type, with centrifugal blowers or axial flow fan direct coupled on electric motors. These air-cooling units are available in DF, HC, ABC with wall, Floor & ceiling mounting models chilled water & direct expansion type for ammonia & Freon system temp +4c to- 10c most successful quick-freezing.

Air Cooling Unit Ceiling Mounted

Air Cooling Unit Floor Standing
Model: DF 6 | Model: DF 8 | Model: DF 10

Installed in Cold Room

Air Cooling Unit Ceiling Mounted

Air Cooling Unit