Water Chilling Units

Ammonia & Freon Equipment Manufacturer
Beverages, Brewery, Dairies Milk Butter Food Processing, Ice Cream, Fruits Pulp & Juices, Meat, Vegetables, Ghee Mills, Fisheries, Concentrate Rooms, Sugar Mills, Pharmaceutical, Oil Refineries, Fertilizers, Textile, Fiber, Chemicals, Cement, Power Generation Plants, Textile.

Water Chillers Employ with Hermetic
and Semi Hermetic Compressor

Water Chiller (Portable)

Model No. WCQ 5 to 100 H

Omerdraz Packaged Water Cooled Type reciprocating Water Chillers. Model WCPC 5 to 100 Tons. For Domestic, Industrial and Commercial.

Water Chiller with Storage Tank. 30HP Compressor

Chest Type Water Chiller

For Plastic injection molding machines and Cans Industries

Omerdraz Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Packaged and Open type Water Chillers Employ with Reciprocating Hermetic & Semi Hermetic Imported Compressors, For Hotel , Hospital, Textile Industries, Domestic, Industrial and Commercial.